Pentecost : Hymn to the Theotokos

2nd Kanon, Irmos – Ode 9

Regular OCA Translation :

Rejoice, O Queen, glory of mothers and virgins.
No tongue, however sweet or fluent is eloquent enough to praise you worthily.
Every mind is overawed by your childbearing.
Therefore with one voice we glorify you

Archimandrite Ephrem (from Greek) :

Hail Queen, glorious virgin mother;
For every fluent, every eloquent mouth
With oratory has not the strength to sing you worthily;
But every mind is dizzy when it seeks to understand
Your giving birth; therefore with one accord we glorify you

Generally with different translations the sense is the same but in this case there are differences.

“Hail Queen, glorious virgin mother”
‘We hymn you O Mother of God who are both glorious, mother and virgin’
“Rejoice, O Queen, glory of mothers and virgins.”
‘Rejoice thou Queen, who art the glory of both mothers and virgins’

I wonder whether this is another case of the Slavonic having a different reading to the Greek?